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OR3GUN™ Competition Machining for Mossberg® Shotguns

OR3GUN's Machining Services for Mossberg 930/935 series shotguns now include CNC cut profiles for polymer forearms. Our shop scheduling necessitates that these services be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Our reservation process can only be added to your cart if our turn-around time for your supplied forearm is within our standard window.

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Available CNC Cuts Include:

Twins Cut

Quads Cut

with or without OR3GUN Logo
and/or cut for our Light Rail Platform

(SS-LRP is purchased HERE.)

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The OR3GUN Project™ addressed the loose tolerances found in the OEM Forearm Retainer years ago with our Competition Forearm Retainer. While the CFR was designed to complement the rapid acceptance of new dual and quad loading techniques, the polymer forearm itself still required ramping and/or other modification to take full advantage of the CFR. Over the years we've seen varied levels of success with this process, both from gunsmiths and end-users. We've now opened our shop to this specific CNC machining on an individual basis.

OR3GUN's Forearm Milling CNC in Action

The OR3GUN shop has developed CNC techniques and processes that perform the task of forearm modification for its competition customers. We have thoroughly tested and refined two different profiles designed specific to the needs of Twins and Quads loading methods.

Comparison of Twins vs Quads Cut

The Twins Cut is best for preserving existing Hydrodip, Duracoat & Cerakote jobs. Ready to go out of the box, this cut is for use with our CFR and your existing polymer Mossberg 930/935 forearm.

The Quads Cut requires a Quad Ready CFR and may warrant some end-user detail sanding for the best surface finish. This is an extreme cut for competition purposes! This cut can reveal small existing voids in your polymer 930/935 forearm, resulting from bubbles in the factory polymer molding process.

With either cut, if the cutter runs into a large void in your forearm, it can (in very rare cases) destroy the forearm. This is more likely to happen if your existing forearm has holes for a Matchsaver, rail, etc. These can catch the CNC's milling bit and kick back on the part, causing a breakage if the area being machined is thin. We do everything we can to avoid this potential issue with conservative cut speeds and the resulting longer machine time, but cannot be responsible for hidden issues in your provided forearm.

CNC Services - LRP Cut CNC Services - LRP Cut Zoomed SightSaddle - LRP on 930

As shown above, we have also adapted our Sight Saddle - Light Rail Platform to the Mossberg 930/935 and incorporated a recessed mounting option into our CNC Services options for 930/935 forearms. This 'LRP Cut' listed on the Front Rail Cut drop-down above does NOT include the SS-LRP itself. This will need to be added to your cart from our Sight Saddle product page. The SS-LRP will ship unmounted from your forearm.

OR3GUN's CNC Quads Cut w/ Logo

While some home forearm ramping attempts can be 'fixed' by our service, we reserve the right to reject a forearm with existing modifications that we have determined may undermine an effective machining job. If you are otherwise unable or unwilling to part with your forearm for a couple of weeks, several customers have found Mossberg Customer Service willing to drop ship a new forearm to us. Once you place your order, you should give Mossberg a call at (800) 363-3555 and see if you can have part number '16773 - FOREARM SYNTHETIC M930/935' drop-shipped to your attention at our address, detailed on your OR3GUN order confirmation page.

After completion of checkout, you will be directed to a page with instructions for getting your 930/935 forearm to our Oregon address. You will need to mail (USPS only) your forearm to us with tracking information for your reference. Once your forearm reaches us, we expect to have it back in the mail to you via USPS Priority Mail within 10 days.

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